What do you need to move to Belgium? (2023)

How do I permanently move to Belgium?

After you live in Belgium for five years, you may qualify for permanent residence. Certain residents will also be able to apply for Belgian nationality if they fulfill certain conditions. Both allow you to stay in Belgium indefinitely, working or otherwise, under similar conditions as Belgian citizens.

How can I legally live in Belgium?

You must apply for a visa at the Belgian Embassy or the consulate in the country where you live. If there is no Belgian embassy or consulate in the country where you live, you must apply to the Belgian Embassy which had been appointed for your country. This is usually in a neighbouring country.

What do I need to know before moving to Belgium?

Seven things you should know before moving to Belgium
  • 1 Geography: Where is Belgium exactly? ...
  • 2 Language: Do you speak… ...
  • 3 Politics: It's complicated. ...
  • 4 Taxes: Take a deep breath. ...
  • 5 Weather: Not too hot, not too cold. ...
  • 6 Traffic: It's going to be a long ride. ...
  • 7 Food and drink: No, you won't get fat if you live like a Belgian.
18 Feb 2018

Is Belgium easy to immigrate?

It may be quite difficult to obtain a residence permit in Belgium, due to the strict immigration policies, in contrast with other European countries.

Is Belgium friendly to foreigners?

The big draws are superb and affordable healthcare, high-quality education, and fantastic food and cultural scenes. Belgium is also easily accessible to expat English speakers. Belgian people are friendly and tolerant, and crime rates are low across the country.

What are the cons of living in Belgium?

The Cost of Living

The city enjoys the second highest salaries in Europe. The drawback is that you'll also experience very high taxes (20% – 50%). The tax collected is invested in the healthcare system, education and social security. Belgium also levies a high rate on VAT – 21%.

How much money do you need to live in Belgium?

Living costs in Belgium usually vary between 700 – 950 EUR/month. In big cities, you might need a larger budget, but this largely depends on accommodation type and your spending habits. Here are a few examples of average living costs in some Belgian student cities: Antwerp: between 780 – 1,230 EUR/month.

Is it hard to become a citizen of Belgium?

You need to live in Belgium for at least five years in order to receive citizenship through the residence. Showing that you are economically and socially integrated. You should have worked in Belgium for the past five years or should have taken an integration course. Showing knowledge of Belgian laws.

Can you live in Belgium only speaking English?

The language locals speak depends on the region where you are. So, when moving to Belgium you don't have to learn all the official languages (phew!). But it would certainly help to know the language of the Belgian city you'll call home if you want to fit in or get jobs easily.

Is healthcare free in Belgium?

As public healthcare in Belgium is subsidized rather than free, many residents choose to take out a private insurance policy to top up their state coverage, as well as give them access to private healthcare treatment.

What skills are in demand in Belgium?

Belgium is in need of:
  • accountants.
  • administrative staff.
  • architects.
  • electricians, plumbers, joiners and plasterers.
  • engineers, technicians and mechanics.
  • IT staff.
  • nurses and midwives.
  • project managers.

What's the easiest European country to move to?


What make Portugal the easiest country in Europe to gain citizenship is that there are no physical presence requirements. Meaning you only need to hold your resident permit in order to qualify for naturalization. You don't need to spend most of the year in the country like most other countries.

Does Belgium allow 3 citizenship?

Belgium allows dual citizenship for third-country nationals acquiring Belgian citizenship.

Is Belgium safe to live?

Yes, Belgium is a very safe country to live in and Belgium is also safe to visit. Crime rates are low and it's unlikely that anything will happen to you when visiting Belgium. However, just as everywhere else in the world, you should be vigilant for petty theft and pickpockets.

How long can foreigners stay in Belgium?

All nationals who wish to stay for more than 90 days in Belgium, need to apply for a visa D, unless if you are either a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of one of the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.

Is moving to Belgium worth it?

High living standards and excellent public facilities are two of the things that have made Belgium a popular destination for expats. According to the OECD Better Life Index, Belgium offers a high quality of housing, income, employment, and education.

How much tax do you pay in Belgium?

Belgian taxes rates are the 3rd highest in the EU. There're different tax rates for resident and non-resident taxpayers. Most people pay an average of 40% income tax in Belgium. The income tax year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

What is the safest city in Belgium?

While Belgium is nowhere near the top of the list, one Belgian city has slowly made its way into the top fifty and is thus the safest city in Belgium. No other than Ghent has made it to the 48th place so far, with a crime rate of 26,08%.

What is a good monthly salary in Belgium?

The average gross income is 3,832 euros per month.

How much salary is good in Belgium?

A good salary would be the one that's enough to sustain your lifestyle and leave room for savings. A good net salary in Brussels is around €2,450/month or €45,600 annually before taxes. Providing for a family of 4 means your household should make around €4,500/month net or €108,000 gross annually in total.

What is the best place to live in Belgium?

Best cities to live in Belgium
  • Brussels. A bustling and diverse place, this capital city has a trendy city centre and quieter suburban areas. ...
  • Antwerp. ...
  • Ghent. ...
  • Genval. ...
  • Liege. ...
  • Waterloo. ...
  • Bruges. ...
  • Tervuren.
26 May 2021

What is the cheapest city to live in Belgium?

Living in Liege is cheaper than living in Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent. Especially thanks to the lower rental prices, which are about 29.22% lower than in Ghent. On average, you'd spend around €900 per month living in Liege alone.

What is low income in Belgium?

According to the EU-SILC survey of 2021, the Belgian poverty threshold for a single person was 1,293 euros per month, for a family with 2 adults and 2 children it was 2,715 euros per month.

How much does the average house cost in Belgium?

In 2021, a house in Belgium would cost approximately 281,700 euros. Note, however, that there are large price differences between the three Belgian regions.
Average price of a house in Belgium from 2013 to 2021 (in euros)
CharacteristicAverage price in euros
5 more rows
12 May 2021

Which country gives citizenship very easily?

Austria, Belgium, Ecuador, Belize and Costa Rica, countries where you can get citizenship and work visas easily of you have an Indian passport. Travel Tips, Immigration with Indian Passport: There are many countries in the world who give citizenship of their country if you have the passport of India and some documents.

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