Are toe holds legal in BJJ? (2023)

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Are toe holds allowed in BJJ?

In IBJJF rules, jiu jitsu's main governing body, the toe hold is only allowed in competitions, for brown belt and above ranked athletes. In other tournaments, such as FIVE Grappling it is allowed from purple belt, and in another highly popular jiu jitsu tournament, the ADCC, they are fully allowed.

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Is toe hold legal in the IBJJF?

Toe Hold, Turning the Foot Outward. Toe hold is one of the most useful techniques used in the BJJ combats but the rule is turning toes inward. According to the IBJJF's rule set and most of the other organizations, you cannot turn the foot outward with a reverse hold grip.

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Are toe holds legal in GI?

For gi competition, the IBJJF is the predominant rule set and heel hooks are illegal (at all belt levels) with straight foot locks, knee bars and toe holds allowed at different belt levels. If you compete, it is your duty to understand what is legal and what could get you disqualified before stepping onto the mats!

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Can blue belts do toeholds?

In most jiu-jitsu competitions the only leglock that is permitted for blue and purple belts is the straight ankle lock. Toeholds and kneebars are reserved for brown and black belts only, meaning many people don't even start learning leglocks until they're already considered "advanced" jiu-jitsu practitioners.

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What is illegal in jiu jitsu?

Illegal Techniques In All Divisions

NO heel hooks or twisting knee locks of any kind. NO striking of any kind. NO biting, hair pulling or eye-gauging. NO slamming of any kind. NO cervical neck cranks of any kind.

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Does a toe hold hurt?

The toe hold can be a nasty submission, and the pain of the hold is very sharp. The foot is vulnerable to twisting movements as ligaments can tear if the joint is hyperextended. This is why a twisted ankle can be so painful.

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Is suplex legal in BJJ?

IBJJF has banned the suplex takedown under some conditions: The suplex movements that will project or force the opponent's head or neck into the ground.

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Can you pull fingers in BJJ?

5) Mistake: Grabbing fingers to avoid choke

But grabbing the fingers and twisting is against bjj rules (small joint manipulation) and is very likely to cause a sprained or even broken finger. A painfully broken digit could cause you to miss work and not able to make your living.

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Is it legal to choke with belt in BJJ?

He'll say like, if you are able to use the belt without the knot coming off, then it's 100% legal. To take the knot off and to choke the guy would be a serious foul, however. But as long as the knot stays on, it stays on your uniform, it is 100% legal.

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Are wrist locks legal in BJJ?

The answer is, 'Mostly yes. ' The table on page 24 of the IBJJF rulebook clearly shows that wristlocks are illegal for kids, adolescents, and white belt adults. But for adults at blue belt level and above they are allowed.

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Are judo throws legal in BJJ?

Most judo throws in BJJ are legal, however the IBJJF does not permit you to simply pick up your opponent and slam them to the ground.

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Are ankle locks legal in BJJ?

Thus, the IBJJF only allows white belts to perform straight ankle locks. This applies in both gi and no-gi competition. When performing a straight ankle lock, the white belt competitor must turn away from the knee of the ankle he or she is attacking. Turning towards the knee is illegal.

Are toe holds legal in BJJ? (2023)
Can a BJJ blue belt promote?

Whether you've received your first stripe on your white belt or have been awarded a blue belt, a promotion is a promotion. Your professor has acknowledged all the effort you've put into BJJ.

Can a white belt wear a blue gi BJJ?

Can "White Belts" Wear a Black or Blue Gi? Well, of course they can! White belts (beginners) are allowed to wear any color Gi they want because no rule within BJJ forbids this. Although some BJJ academies, such as AOJ, only allow beginners to use a white Gi only.

Will BJJ work in a street fight?

It teaches you to get the opponent down to the ground and apply chokeholds, joint locks and submission holds. Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be effective when faced with a single assailant in a street battle but it is rarely effective when faced with many attackers.

What is slamming in BJJ?

The illegal version of a slam, according to the IBJJF rulebook, which is pretty much the gold standard nowadays, a slam is any motion where you pick someone up, whether it is from the guard or during a takedown, and suspend them in mid-air for a short while, before sending them down to the ground.

Can white belts do guillotines?

The guillotine choke is one of the most intuitive moves that any white belt will learn, and it's one of the first chokes worth mastering.

What is a figure 4 toe hold?

A figure-four is a catch wrestling term for a joint-lock that resembles the number "4". A keylock or toe hold can be referred to as a figure-four hold, when it involves a figure-four formation with the legs or arms.

What's the worst toe to break?

Fractures of the big, or great, toe are often more severe than breaks to the others. If the joint is disrupted or the bones have become dislocated, the toe may require surgery.

Which toe holds the most weight?

The big toe is four times bigger than the other toes with more muscles attached to it because it bears more weight and produces more power. Unlike the other toes it only has two joints rather than three, allowing for extra stability and therefore power.

Can opener BJJ illegal?

A “Legal Disclaimer”

The first thing you need to know, you can't do a BJJ can opener in an IBJJF match, Gi or No-Gi, regardless of your belt. Actually, you can, but it will get you disqualified. That said, in a different ruleset you might just end up on the receiving end of one, and that won't really end great for you.

Is Ashi Garami legal in BJJ?

IBJJF Adult Blue Belt and Purple Belt Leg Lock Rules

Turning towards the knee is illegal. And like white belts, adult blue and purple belts may only perform the straight ankle lock from the straight ashi garami, outside ashi garami, and 50/50 positions. This applies in both gi and no-gi competition.

Can you kick in a BJJ gi?

In general, the BJJ is forbidden to kick and hit, even in competitions.

Why do BJJ guys do the Shaka?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners use the shaka to celebrate their victories and present greetings to one another.

Why do Jiu-Jitsu guys tape their fingers?

The tape is wrapped around the finger as a protective covering to prevent cuts, rashes, etc. The BJJ tape also supports smaller finger joints, improving the grip and confidence of BJJ combatants. The tape can also be used to cover other exposed parts, especially joints in the toes, wrists, knees, and ankles.

Are bicep slicers illegal in BJJ?

Most big BJJ organizations like the IBJJF have banned the bicep slicer from their competitions. They have a strict rule on only certain joint locks and chokes being permitted and absolutely no subs attacking muscles. This is why the bicep and calf slicer are not allowed in most big competitions.

Can you neck crank in BJJ?

However, when it comes to BJJ, which is the grappling martial art that unites all other grappling martial arts ever to exist, you should add neck cranks to your arsenal, as you never know when you might end up needing them.

Is flying armbar legal in IBJJF?

Note: White belts cannot jump closed guard under IBJJF rules. This includes flying triangles and flying armbars! Not only is it illegal, but many white belts don't yet have the rules internalized and may slam you instinctively.

Can you skip blue belt in BJJ?

For people that have spent a lifetime in fighting, starting as a blue belt is more than fair. However, BJJ belt skipping from start to end is unacceptable.

Can you open hand slap in jiu jitsu?

Twisting or grabbing the fingers, hair pulling, eye-gouging, scratching, pinching, slams, and slaps are strictly forbidden in BJJ. If it happens, it can lead to straightaway disqualification.

Can you break arm in BJJ?

Armbar. Though the armbar is known to be one of the basic moves in grappling sports such as BJJ and Judo, it is also a deadly one. This armlock can result in dislocation of the elbow or broken arm in the case of failure to tap out timely.

Can you twist someone's neck in Jiu Jitsu?

Spinal locks and cervical locks are forbidden in IBJJF Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, amateur mixed martial arts (MMA), multiple forms of no Gi jiu-jitsu, judo, and other martial arts.

Can BJJ beat judo?

Can BJJ Defeat Judo? BJJ practitioners may be more proficient on the ground, but they are still better off if they are standing. Judo practitioners are more adept at ground fighting than BJJ practitioners. More often than not, Judo's moves are superior to BJJ techniques in a fight.

Is Kani Basami illegal in BJJ?

The four Waza which are currently prohibited by the international rules are the Kani-basami (Scissors throw), Ashi-garami (Entangled leg lock), Do-jime (Body scissors), and the Kawazu-gake (One-leg entanglement drop).

Is hip toss allowed in BJJ?

Even BJJ novices can learn this throw and add it to their repertoire. But other throws such as Uchi mata, Ippon seionage, and hip throws while still legal, are not suited for BJJ.

What is the hardest BJJ submission to escape?

The gogoplata is one of the hardest submissions to set up in BJJ, but once it's locked in, the odds of your opponent finding a way to wiggle out of it is very low. This choke is typically executed from bottom guard position – specifically the rubber guard.

Are broken toes common in BJJ?

During BJJ training, toes are susceptible to various injuries like turf toes, broken toes, etc. Broken or injured toes might be the result of single or double-leg takedowns, sweeps, or bents. Dislocated or broken toes need attention and proper care during BJJ training.

Why do they tape your toes in BJJ?


During BJJ training, their fingers can become swollen and their joints can become dislocated. To stabilize the fingers and joints, fighters wrap tape around them to help speed up recovery.

Is knee bar legal in gi?

Kneebars are an exceptionally powerful leg attack and are allowed in both Gi and No Gi, depending on your level. Most kneebar finishes look similar. However, the true leg lock mastery comes from being able to enter the kneebar entanglement from a variety of positions.

Is BJJ hard on ankles?

In BJJ, submission techniques mostly involve feet and legs and you can hurt your ankles, toes, feet, or knees during the application of these techniques. Ankle injuries can be dangerous to your BJJ progress if taken carelessly.

What BJJ belt is Conor McGregor?

Conor Mcgregor

McGregor has even competed in grappling tournaments in the past, graduating to a brown belt under his coach, John Kavanagh, back in 2014, after his win over Dustin Poirier.

Why do most people quit BJJ after blue belt?

One of the most common and sound reasons that people give up on their BJJ career at the blue belt level is injuries. In a combat sport like BJJ that involves plenty of joint locks, chokes, and takedowns, injuries are unavoidable. Though injuries can take place at any belt level, blue belts are more prone to them.

What belt is Ashton Kutcher?

Most notably, Ashton Kutcher of 'That 70s Show' and 'Two and a Half Men' fame, is the proud owner of a BJJ brown belt after taking up the sport 10 years ago.

How many stripes can a white belt BJJ?

Stripes are often signified with small pieces of tape wrapped around the end of the belt, or with blue stripes that run the length of the belt. Four stripes are earned on the white belt before promotion to the blue belt level.

What does your gi color say about you?

The short answer to this question: jiu jitsu gi color means absolutely nothing. While BJJ gi belt colors carry some serious significance - primarily in alerting you to the level of shark you're swimming with on the mat - jiu jitsu gi colors don't carry any special significance.

What does a black belt with a white bar mean in BJJ?


This represents an athlete or "competidor" as it's called in Portuguese. This has been around since the early 1980s in Brazil however it was very rare to see anyone wearing such a belt (most likely because the BJJ fight gear industry was still tiny back then).

Why are toe holds banned?

This is the first reason as to why many BJJ instructors discourage the use of the toe hold. The ligaments and joint at the foot are especially vulnerable to the application of twisting forces over them and they can easily get damaged in the process.

Can you choke hold in BJJ?

Chokeholds are some of the best submissions you can do in BJJ. A choke can be so powerful that bigger and stronger opponents can be put to sleep, even when applied by a much smaller grappler.

Are finger holds allowed in BJJ?

You are not allowed to manipulate small joints in Bjj. They break easily and are too fragile. It's not very sportsman like to just grab a finger and break it.

Can I do BJJ with a broken toe?

During BJJ, grapplers use their fingers and toes in many techniques and positions. But if you have a broken toe you should avoid any technique which can put pressure on your toe, causing pain, dislocating your broken bone, or delaying healing. Taking down your opponent with your legs is an important technique in BJJ.

What is the least used toe?

Your big toes bear just about 2 times the amount of weight as all your other toes combined! It still should not shock you that the pinky toes are the least important. People born without pinky toes or those who lose them in accidents will see very little change in the function of their feet.

Are Ezekiel chokes legal in BJJ?

Is Ezekiel Choke Legal? Yes. It's legal in every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, and MMA competition. It's usually done as an airflow choke, but in some variations, it may be done as a blood choke.

Why do BJJ guys tape their fingers?

The tape is wrapped around the finger as a protective covering to prevent cuts, rashes, etc. The BJJ tape also supports smaller finger joints, improving the grip and confidence of BJJ combatants. The tape can also be used to cover other exposed parts, especially joints in the toes, wrists, knees, and ankles.

Can you have nails in BJJ?

Your Nails Will Need to Stay Short

When you start jiu jitsu, you'll have to bid farewell to long, elegant, or even painted nails. Long nails can cut or injure your training partner while you're grappling, and they will probably break off or bend back hurting you anyway.

Are Judo throws legal in BJJ?

Most judo throws in BJJ are legal, however the IBJJF does not permit you to simply pick up your opponent and slam them to the ground.

Why do fighters tape their toes?

Think of it as a handwrap for there feet. It basically keeps there angle in place so they don't break it when kicking. Also it is ised when fighters have broken or sprained an ankle as ankle support.

Why does my big toe hurt after Jiu Jitsu?

Any kicking sport, like Jui-Jitsu, may injure the big toe when it gets caught on the target. When this happens, the toe can be forced suddenly forward, backward, or sideways. If it gets forced backward (up in the direction of the head), then the plantar plate at the bottom of the foot may be injured.

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